Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Many of my blogs involve insight into my training and racing, just from my point of view. Today I wanted to write on some pretty cool people locally who have inspired the community of runners who seldom went full circle with meeting others and keeping in contact. This past year the running community has seemed to blossom tremendously thanks to Theoden Janes blogging and the reach of the CRC {Charlotte Running Club} to the people in and around Charlotte.

Theoden has been a HUGE boost to the local running and triathlon community as he took a face first dive into racing in 2009. While competing in numerous local road races, he plunged into the Triathlon scene as well as knocking out the NYC and Thunder Road marathons within a month of each other! He managed to fit all this training and racing in while still writing some kick A** blogs about people and races in our local community. It's simple things such as his post below that has shed light on so much more than simply running but humanity for instance.

TrySports' "Run For Haiti" is likely to be the more organized of the two events. The combination 3 Mile Fun Run and Shoe Donation Drive is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Saturday, and participants are being asked to donate $20 and/or pairs of used or new shoes. All profits will be donated directly to the American Red Cross; the shoes will get to Haiti by way of Deserving Soles. Store is at 9830 Rea Road, Suite H. Details: 704-544-4626

But the Charlotte Running Club's "Dollars for Distance" fundraiser, scheduled for McAlpine Creek Park (8711 Monroe Road), has a more novel concept: Runners will meet at the park's main entrance at 8 a.m., divide up into pace groups, and start running. When you're tired, just stop, tally up your miles, and donate a dollar for every mile you've run (cash or check will be accepted). All proceeds go directly to the Red Cross Relief Fund.


This leads me to Spot light the Charlotte Running Club and the efforts a few people have made to get people to do what they love or hate the most, together. Running is a passion for many of us and 3 local runners in Charlotte pushed to connect so many of us who were not in touch because we missed some social avenue that united all of us. Aaron Linz pushed to get people together to make this a runner friendly atmosphere in town, so Caitlin Crisman and Jay Holder jumped on board and the 3 together created the Charlotte Running Club.

Between every person blogging and Theoden's Uplifting post, the CRC quickly took off with the clubs members near 200 at this point. Weekly runs are dispersed through a system of emails along with social events that take place frequently to see people without the standard running attire. I am glad that these people have made such a push for the Charlotte Area to be aware of so much that truly goes on. We have been able to see people we may have never seen before and get intriguing stories that we would have never heard from someone we met on a long run on a freezing cold morning.

Thank you, Theoden Janes, Thank you, CRC!!!

Through you guys I haven't had so much fun since college and along the way I have met some outstanding people who each get to share their stories with me as I soak it up like a sponge. Thank you once again, the Charlotte Running Community has been revitalized!!!