Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Take chances in life

Over my 28 years in life I have received tidbits of advice from tons of people and I like to absorb all the wisdom that I can, sort of like a sponge. I know growing up I always heard, time flys by, make sure you make the most of your time. It seems that we all grow up and are taught to do the most "responsible" thing, get a 9-5 job and do this and that, you know have that cookie cutter life sort of. Over this past past I have seemed to question the meaning of life and lifestyles.

At this point in my life, i like to ask people what makes them happy or what would have made them happy say 5, 10, 20 years ago with their decisions. You live and learn and also make due with what life has in store for you at any given time. Tough times build character and make people so much stronger in the long run often, but at times it can break people down to the bottom of the barrel so to speak.

My question is, "would you take a big risk amongst the trials and tribulations of life to do something that may be a once in a lifetime adventure? Something that could mold you into possibly more than you could ever imagine, while laying it all on the line while the one's close to you may be tentative?"

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