Monday, July 12, 2010

"Living with the freedom to do what I want"

The title of my newest blog entry comes across rather differently than it suggest, but is straight the point of this entry. I do have such a freedom that I basically can do nearly anything that I want to at any given time. This is something that most of us never process through out our daily routines. How fortunate are you?

In short, I was inspired to write this blog because of so many people out there that are disabled in some fashion and just would love to do what I do for one minute. Surrounding myself with ultra competitive people in my work environment as well as within my peers, really pushes me to strive for success in my life. Namely my athletic life, since the majority of people who surround me are extremely active. How many times have we been disappointed about a race or a game because of the outcome? I didn't run that PR or I didn't beat this person.

We all really need to be thankful for so much in so many ways its incredible. As an example, MS is a large problem amoung the world and in the US. 2.5 million people worldwide and 400,000+ are affected by this disease which eats away at your bodies protective nerves. How many of these people affected are debilitated? As I wake up to go on an easy 5 miles run, I don't think about these people who struggle to just get out of bed much less run somewhere. As a goal for myself this year, I truly am going to be thankful for every step I take whether its running or walking down the hallway,road or a trail. Life could be so much different at any given time, why don't we realize how great so many of us truly have it; riches, fame and power is nothing compared to being able to give someone a hug or a hand shake with total comfort.


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