Thursday, January 20, 2011

Next Blog: What to write about?

Its about time to update my blog, does anyone have any suggestions or perhaps an idea they would like me to write about? It's the 1st time I have asked this but I figure if anyone is reading my blog why not see what would be the most captivating to my 2.3 viewers out there.

I have had a couple suggestions so far including:

  1. australian beer 
  2. the state of the economy in australia
what's next???


  1. Ummm, where is part three of 10 years in the making? I was waiting anxiously for that :0)

  2. Yeah why are you such a wad? Just kidding I think it would interesting to hear any similarities and differences that you feel from Australian and American culture. From what I've read your looking (maybe still) for somebody over there to just sick and chill with you once and awhile.