Friday, January 15, 2010



Recently after speaking with several other runner's in the community, I decided to actually form a racing schedule so that I could the focus in appropriate places for my training. At this point in time, I have decided that my "running season" is stopping around April/May, with the hope that I set a new Personal Record at the Duke Twilight 5000m race. During a longer run yesterday it just suddenly hit me that running a spring marathon at this point would clearly set me back for my other personal goals in the spring time, so I decided to opt for only going up the the Half Marathon Distance.

Training is going amazing right now, as I recently set an all time high in weekly mileage with just over 90 for the week. This week I hope to continue the trend but with backing the mileage slightly down a bit, to remain healthy. Just a few weeks ago I decided to focus all of my un-needed stress towards my training and it has worked quite well, if nothing at all I am setting my self up for some more personal records going into 2010. Below I have lined up my racing schedule out to June basically. After May 9th, I plan to turn myself into a triathlete and really get in some solid competitive racing through the summer and fall...

Race Goal
30th : Charlie Post 15k/ Winter Flight 8k Sub 51:00

6th : Tybee Island Half Marathon Sub 1:12
13th : Cupids Cup 5k 15:45

6th: Corporate Cup Half Marathon/relay
19th: 49'er invite 5000m tentative Sub 15:30
21st: Shamrock 8k tentative 25:50:00
27th: Cooper River Bridge 10k 32:45

14th: Boston Marathon (pacing logan) 2:55-2:59
21st: Duathlon nationals 90% unlikely

9th : Duke Twilight 5k Sub 15:15


11th: China Grove 5k 15:40


I just want to say what an amazing thing it is to be surrounded by so many people who are supportive in so many ways. Each and every person encounters other people for specific reasons, big or small. I am thankful to be acquainted with some truly amazing people, whether or not they are runners, triathletes, or couch potato's.

-as for the photo I included, I ran across it and thought it was pretty cool. This was a race in college my buddies and I competed in called the "porta potty dash" at the Best of Badin festival. hard to believe this was almost 10 years ago.


  1. Yeah I remember that race! We won $250 but because we were college athletes the NCAA wouldn't let us keep the $ because we'd be considered professionals in Porta-Potty Racing! Nice hair.

  2. Good Luck with your spring schedule, Chris. We have to cross paths on another Tuesday Run.