Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Recommendations for preparing to move to another country

Right now I am currently trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together that will make my trip to Australia as smooth as possible. I have been using search engines to assist my preparation with documents and all other sorts of things. I wanted to see if anyone out there had any tips relating to leaving the country for more than a couple weeks at a time?

Back in college I was fortunate to travel to Scotland for a couple weeks and it was very eventful, slash, a bit out of my comfort zone, BUT cool. This upcoming trip is one that will really make me venture away from my little bubble to open my wings so to speak and see the world and what it has to offer. After some deliberation about how to raise $ so that I can travel and also not leave behind loads of loans that I have, I am going to essentially do everything that I can to alleviate the stress of bills back home.

The biggest thing that I am going to take a step with is selling my vehicle, which i have been working hard to pay off so I could actually "own it". This makes sense as it would just sit in place for months and I would be paying upwards of $2500 in payments and insurance while away. Crossing my fingers that after I have the car completely buffed that it will sell for my pay off. Next in line will be my furniture upon the expiration of my lease in July. Even though I love my king size bedroom set, LCD TV, sectional and etc, it will have to go. The funny thing is that with the sale of all of this I will still have trouble paying for the cost of moving away.

It appears that the tenants at my investment condo are going to resign a new lease in July which would relieve a burden off of my shoulders, knowing that I can still make my mortgage payments even though I have been biting the bullet a bit. This is a lot of info that some people may find interesting in getting to understand me while others would say I speak too much about my personal life. I want people to know the real Christopher Lamperski, nothing to hide, just trying to live life, make people smile and make my small difference in the world where I can.

My question to close things up is: " Any tips for moving out of the country?"

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