Saturday, April 17, 2010

"You're a D**m fool!"

Those are the words I was fortunate enough to hear while stopped at a light on Park Road while on my bike. Just waiting for the light to turn green I see the car in front of me roll down his window and motion to the side and I can hear something from the car so I pull up to right next to the window and he wants to enlighten me on what an idiot I am for riding my BIKE on the road for cars. This really made me think about what everyone thinks about cyclist on the roads around Charlotte.

This statement really made me think about my hatred for people on the roads who are so kind to cyclist. Maybe hatred is too strong of a word but that's the only thing that came to mind. It really upset me that someone was ballsy enough to motion me up to the car and tell me this to my face. My come back was "well, i do this a good bit, so keep an eye out for me, so far so good, thanks for the advice!". Riding my bike for 3 hours is not the battle for me, its fighting traffic and just counting the times that a big SUV just has to squeeze through to pass me while I am going 25mph in a 35mph zone.

Kudo's to the guys/gals who hit the roads every day with their bikes and put aside the dangers that lie ahead on the road, namely vehicles flying by at a high rate of speed. I realize that sometimes motorist see a bicycle coming and just assume that it will take forever to reach them but they don't realize that sometimes we are going pretty quick in fact. Life and times of a wanna be cyclists, I am trying to get there, hitting the trails for a run seems much easier at this point haha


  1. Totally understand where you are coming from.

  2. my guess is that the guy in the car was by medical definition morbidly obese. The first thing i would have done is provide a list of directions to the local fast food venues and then tell him to get the f out of my lane.