Friday, June 4, 2010

New events that pop out of no where

Last night I posted that I accepted a position at "Greenapple Sports & Wellness" as a Chiropractic Aid which to many is a shock because of some other prior stated plans. The initial goal of moving to Australia has been scraped at this point in time, because after adding up the benefits of this job opportunity locally, I felt that it was in my best interest to stick around.
Greenapple Sports & Wellness has a very good name in the community and the possibilities of expanding my coaching business can actually be increased through this avenue as well while interacting with clients. Now down to my goal of heading to Australia! Mike Kahn shocked me by announcing that he would start a fundraiser while he is preparing for the NYC marathon to assist me in my journey "Down under".
I want to state that I am still traveling to Australia, but for a much more brief stint. The goal with heading Down Under will be to knock out 2 races, one being a duathlon in western Australia and the other being a BIG olympic distance triathlon on the gold coast. In the Duathlon I will be able to race one of my best friends in Cody Angell and its motivational to say the least. Every time that we have raced each other we pretty much "Lay it on the line" trying to break each other from the get go with crazy surges and maybe even some classic "Lance Armstrong" stare backs during the ride.

Thank you to everyone who has donated $ for my trip, I will not be moving there BUT I will still be heading over to race some amazing competition and what it boils down to is that it will cost exactly the same to get there. I will continue updating my blog with updates while leading up to my trip as well as triathlon recaps. next up: Over the Mountain

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