Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lake Logan: Olympic recap

After a training hiatus for about 3 weeks, I weakly planned out the trip to Lake Logan but was fortunate enough to have a good friend lend a hand. Scott Helms kindly offered a ride to the mountains since he was racing Saturday and then we just ended up staying at some hotel just off of the local highway, which ended up being just enough for what we needed. Friday morning arrived, I woke up and hit the road for a quick run before work and before the mile I just had a pounding headache. Eventually I had to walk the last 1/4m back home totaling 1.6 miles for my run. Since my head was pounding, I decided to lay back down and notify the office I would be in a little late. After some additional sleep, coffee and breakfast I felt much better!

Scott and I hit the road, missed the packet pick up and just decided to get in a short swim, to see how the course was. The water was great w/no current and felt smooth. We ended up going to Sagebrush for dinner and got to listen to these people at the bar chat about their lives, it was interesting. I got some kind of a new cheeseburger w/a sweet potato and ended up drinking nearly a pitcher of Miller Lite ha. After preparing for the race morning I realized I had no contact solution and drove all over looking for some before everything close, made it back to the room by 11:30pm and passed out before our 5am wake up.

We planned out the drive poorly perhaps and were in a rush once we got there especially since I was in the 1st wave of people. With a minimal run, I squeezed into my wetsit, had someone mark me w/5min to go till the start, ran to the water, jumped in and had 30sec to go. Everyone took off and I kept my eye on Rob Dietz who has always been a great swimmer, eventually we crossed paths and after the turnaround buoy, i kicked it in and hammered home. It was a 3 min swim PR for me! I hit T1 fairly tired and tried to catch my breath. I hit the bike pretty hard catching several people within a few miles, before I managed to drop my sunglasses and run them over. Fortunately this time i had no chain issues and tried pushing with what I had. MY left TFL just is out of whack from my lack of riding lately, so the ride ended up being less than Stellar.

Hitting the last hill I was DEAD, and everyone left me basically, I coasted to T2 and totally forgot how to dismount for some reason. After grabbing my shoes, I hit the run pretty smooth and conservative, hoping to save some energy for the last 3 miles. I picked off one by one up the mountain and kept counting the people. At the turn around I counted 8 in front of me, the 1st two guys were worlds ahead of everyone else and looked like they were FLYING. After the turnaround I turned it on and began catching more people, 7th, 6th, eventually 5th and then 4th way ahead of me. I dug deep but could not close that huge gap. I ended up finishing 6th overall because someone in a wave behind me went faster. This was a 13 minute PR for me in an Olympic distance race, I was pumped!

shout out to Dr. Ryan Danner, Rob "Deep pockets" Dietz and Scott "Gotta get some more GU's" Helms for stellar performances!

Thank you's go out to Greenapple Sports and Wellness for keeping me healthy as well as Lance Leo for giving me faith and an amazing training regimine

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