Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Local 10k - experimentation with slight inebriation

This was not one of my finer moments as a "follow my lead" coach but I also stated that this was a semi experiment, as well I had multiple goals from this race. My first goal at hand was to meet Justin Mohl in the AM to chat about the 10k race and what too expect, while also providing some feedback to him about his form and etc. Secondly, I wanted to see if at all possible I could try to pull an all nighter and see with a proper warm-up routine it made it possible to race at a decent level. With the third goal in mind to review the course for Race director Paige Hauff to offer any recommendations going forward.

With the secondary goal in hand, I began my night with a cookout at my place to celebrate the departure of my friend Glenn Carroll to New Zealand, followed by an adventure into then uptown charlotte nightlife. After an amazing night of time with friends and busting a move on the dance floor, we managed to waste some time by people watching after hours which is a comedy in itself. After arriving home around 3:50am, i had a mere 2 hours to remain awake, just that simple. Well I tried to get online and watch TV as well but I was just exhausted and couldnt maintain my "All nighter". Even back in college I had to have a few hours of sleep, never pulling an all nighter. I was proud of myself to make it to 4:30am or so before I drifted off.

Worried about sleeping in, I actually woke up one minute before my alarm went off at 6:01am. I didn't feel too great but I grabbed a couple tylenol and some endurolytes along with a couple shot blocks for breakfast. Chugged some much needed H2O and hit the highway. It felt like a long journey to the race but I made seemingly half asleep (not recommended). Upon my arrival, I spotted a few familar faces and only could manage a wave. It was about the time I had to meet Justin, so we got to chat and I convinced him to jog around the block for an extra 3 minutes with me. So much for a "good warm-up routine" as planned. I just didn't feel good and well I was wrapped up in chatting with Justin about his goals, so my warm-up hit the back burner.

The race started about 10minutes late for some reason, but then all of a sudden we hear, on your mark, set, BANG...the race was on, I was about 3 rows back and I knew my hips were pretty tight and as usual lately my calf were stiff. Just the day before I received a massage based around my calf and neck essentially, so it was the typical 3 days out freshing massage. As we rolled down Randolph, I was pushing fairly hard and realized that my shot of staying with Jay and Aaron was shot. They blazed down the hill in a glory and I was left in the dust basically. After about 1/2m I just made up my mind that I needed to catch them NO MATTER WHAT. One consolation was that I agreed to meet Justin at 3 miles and run the rest in with him. "Chris, come on all you need to do is run for 3 miles with these guys" is what I said to myself. Legs feeling heavy, breathing feeling a bit shortened and my stomach churning, I gave it a good ol' college try and managed to close the gap on the leaders.

Upon my tagging along with the pack, Aaron noticed that I closed the gap and mentioned to Jay that I was in the group now. Knowing the faces of the other guys in the group from UNCC, i figured it would be a long shot for anyone to break up there 1-2 punch. They looked essentially effortless at this pace, we were half way chatting back and forth but I knew I had to focus more to maintain close for 3 miles because the adrenaline seemed to be non existant. At 2 miles they gapped me again up a hill and I nearly just called it quits there but made one more go at it and quickly caught up. The UNCC guys surged a bit it seemed as I looked at my garmin shooting out 5:06 pace, they gapped our group and Jay gapped Aaron and myself also. I chatted with Aaron and told him I was bowing out at 3 miles, so I decided to surge to wish jay goodluck the remainder of the race. I was happy to hit a split of 16:17 at 3 miles with Jay, not sure what the conversion is but I am pretty sure its a sub 17 5k effort.

Once Justin reached the 3rd mile marker, I really got to observe his actual motion and tendencies while racing. We often as coaches look over someone's form at practice or while doing strides, but you really don't quite understand someone until they are pushing that limit in the race atmosphere. Justin did excellent as we had a goal to catch a particular person and over the last few miles he managed to do so and even put a nice gap on him down the straightaway. All in all it was a great day to be out there, Justin did a fantastic job pushing through some respitory problems and it was nice to see some local guys take home the hardware.

OrthoCarolina Classic
USATF Certified. Registration No. TBA
Charlotte, NC 8/21/2010
RESULTS POSTED ON www.queencitytiming.com


Place Div/Tot Sex/Tot Name Ag S Bib City St Guntime Pace
===== ======== ======== =================== == = ===== ========= == ======= =====
1 1/8 1/105 Adugna Deneamo 23 M 348 Charlotte NC 33:02 5:19

2 1/17 2/105 Jason Holder 26 M 134 Charlotte NC 34:29 5:34
3 2/17 3/105 Alejandro Arreola 28 M 3 Charlotte NC 35:28 5:43
4 1/9 1/81 Caitlin Chrisman 24 F 43 Charlotte NC 36:33 5:53
5 1/26 4/105 Aaron Linz 37 M 180 Charlotte NC 36:52 5:56
6 1/24 2/81 Emily Potter 31 F 346 Southern NC 37:54 6:07
7 1/17 5/105 Robert Heck 42 M 127 Charlotte NC 41:05 6:37
8 2/26 6/105 David Price 38 M 325 Charlotte NC 41:17 6:39
9 1/16 7/105 Derrick Hewett 33 M 323 Charlotte NC 41:45 6:44
10 2/17 8/105 Marty Lohr 40 M 184 Lexington NC 41:45 6:44
11 2/16 9/105 Nathan Stanford 31 M 362 Huntersvi NC 41:59 6:46
12 3/17 10/105 Daniel Fulco 40 M 104 Charlotte NC 42:40 6:53
13 1/5 11/105 Mitchell Rippy 48 M 233 Shelby NC 42:50 6:54
14 3/26 12/105 Adam Morris 35 M 339 Charlotte NC 43:37 7:02
15 4/17 13/105 Allen Strickland 44 M 259 Cornelius NC 43:49 7:04
16 3/17 14/105 Jeremy Johnson 29 M 153 Charlotte NC 45:06 7:16
17 1/4 3/81 Mary Dore 46 F 73 Charlotte NC 45:10 7:17
18 4/26 15/105 Christopher Tapia 37 M 263 Davidson NC 45:29 7:20
19 1/4 16/105 Sam Baucom 51 M 14 Charlotte NC 46:30 7:29
20 2/8 17/105 Dan Serianni 19 M 363 46:56 7:34
21 4/17 18/105 Christopher Lampers 28 M 312 Charlotte NC 47:20 7:37
22 3/16 19/105 Justin Mohl 32 M 210 Charlotte NC 47:20 7:37

The 5k had some odd conflicts I found out as I finished the race from one of the patients I work with at Greenapple sports and wellness. Apparently they turned the leaders around at some point and then made then jump back in or something. It basically translates to being the police officers fault because due to some lack of communication, no one knew the correct course apparently. Kudo's to Justin Ratike and Paige Hauff for putting on a fantastic race, that I hope will grow into the future. Shout out's to Aaron Linz, Jay Holder, Justin Mohl (and his wife), Bob Heck, Nathan Stanford(who must have started the race late) and Alex Arreola for pulling through with great performances on a very difficult course.

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