Sunday, August 22, 2010

M.O.M ( miles of mooresville)

This blog is a quick summary the Miles of Mooresville which was the 1st stop on the "last second signup" 2010 tour on August 13th at a late 7:00pm start

I certainly prefer later starts especially since about 90% of my training is done in the evening time, minus the weekends on occasion. During my chaotic week leading up to the "M.O.M", I had so much on my plate, i figured it up that I had been working 60+hr weeks with all of the commitments I had made at my various jobs and my actually physical fitness was diminishing due to my exhaustion recently. After working at Greenapple Sports & Wellness on Friday I booked it to OrthoCarolina to meet up with the race director of the "OrthoCarolina 10k" to review the proposed course. (to note, I had bright kineseo tape on both legs while cycling and running)

It was one of the hottest recorded days of the year and here I was riding a calibration bicycle all around plaza midwood w/my friend Michael Heafner in the heat of the day. After a few passes of the proposed course and some examining we were covered head to toe in sweat. We wrapped up the course work at 5:44pm and attempted to make the start of the M.O.M. Luckily there was no traffic at all but we still seemed to get lost on the way there somehow. Once at the race site, we ran up to the registration booth w/15 min left just in time to grab a bib #. Once the 1st mile started Todd Mayes jumped out to an early lead as he was pushing the pace to break the 5 minute barrier as I hung in the back just hoping to warm-up. We hit the hill on the course and I thought, "Todd lied to me, he said the hill was NOTHING!" HA. Once Todd and another runner gapped me up the hill I focused and closed it up on flat ground then at the 3/4m mark I increased the pace w/thomas on my shoulder. I knew he had some wheels so I was just waiting for him to kick and he did, we took it to the line and I barely edged him out.

The 2 mile break was pretty long so I managed to mostly stand around and chat w/people gripping about the hill and how tired I was. Yea, no one wants to hear it, but i really felt exhausted@! bang, the 2 mile goes off, I group up with Michael and Todd, until I see my garmin showing 5:47 pace, then I knew I had to take off to a quicker clip. I took home the 2 mile in a fairly slow 10:50 but at least I had a big negative split on the last mile! The 3rd mile came up and I could tell there were less people on the streets. I told Michael I wanted to run together and make it a competitive yet fun race. Todd, Michael and I ran basically the 1st 2 miles together and the crowd loved our small front pack. At the 2 mile mark I took off with a goal to perhaps break 5 the last mile, even though far fetched, why not? I was churning it down hill and began lapping people, pushed the hill hard and then had a straight away to the line. I kept it controlled because of my recent calf issues but I didn't hit my sub 5 mark, closing the last mile in 5:13.

All in all it was a fun time, Michelle and Thomas managed to sucker me into a 18 minute cool down, but it was great. Fun times with good people, you can't beat that. I haven't been training but I have been getting lucky at some recent races and notched a fe "W's" on the belt somehow. I didn't prepare for this race as I would normally but I just wanted to have fun after a long day, with the hopes of throwing my self into the mix up front. Shout out to Michael Heafner, Michelle Hazelton, Thomas Eggar, and Todd Mayes for representing at the race.

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