Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Colorado: Day 5 "Diligent Focus"

Today was mostly an uneventful day comparative to the last 4 days, the highlight of my day was buying a new book at the “Boulder Bookstore” where I had the most amazing Carmel Latte’(I think it was my first actually).

I actually slept in a bit today and the plan was for Kylee and I to grab some lunch before she had to head into work. She drove ahead to run an errand and I jumped on the bike and made my way towards “illegal pete’s” which is basically qdoba or moe’s but more locally franchised right now. Kylee was running a bit late so I just kind of roamed around the block a bit checking out some stores. When Kylee arrived we jumped in line at “illegal petes” and it was pretty busy the whole time. I got my staple meal, a taco salad, which was excellent.

From their I went into Starbucks with kylee a bit and we got to chat some and I showed her my exciting book I have been trying to read forever. I brought no laptop this trip which would entice me to actually attempt reading “ Common Fire”: leading lives of commitment “. After parting ways with Kylee I made my way to the Boulder Bookstore / Café’. I wanted a caramel macchiato but they didn’t have it on the list so I tried that awesome Carmel Latte’. After I read a bit I made my way into the bookstore and browsed some books and one caught my eye. “The Richest man who ever lived: King Solomon’s secrets to success, wealth, and happiness." I read some reviews on the back cover and noticed Ruth Graham had some good things to say about this book as well as Jerry Falwell. Anything that concerns Christianity, happiness and success really grabs a hold of me so I went ahead and made the purchase.

I made a couple pit stops on the way back home to pick up a couple things and then I was set to get in a nice long run followed by a “Moonlight Mile” at the CU track. I hit the Boulder path equipped with 2XU race socks as well as my Sugoi arm sleeves just in case it got much colder. Kylee seems to run w/a short sleeve shirt no matter what but I wanted to bring something along to keep me warm, since EVERYONE else in Boulder wears pants and jackets while they run. As well everyone seems to run with a dog, it was amazing as I felt very out of place wearing shorts and not having a dog on most of my runs. I figured people in Boulder would be wearing singlets and would make fun of my light weight jacket ha.

On this run, I started in South Boulder and worked my way down the Boulder path way which travels basically below the city and has stops at every major intersection if you want to bear off. I passed lots of walkers, cyclist, and runners along the way. I was moving at a much better clip than everyone it seemed so I just kept rolling. I ended up outside of the city onto a trail which turned into the mountains with the main road parallel. I ran basically as far as I could until it was too icy to step on, so I took the time to stretch a bit and head back. At this point I was starting to freeze and just wanted to get back soon. I made my way back to the Colorado track at 11.25 miles into my run. It was closed to the public and locked up totally. I was a bit upset but I was also happy that I couldn’t bonk my attempted mile effort at altitude after 11.25 miles and a long week.

Once I got home I showered and thawed out basically in time to hit the road again on the bike. After mapping out my route I made a stop at “FlatIrons Coffee shop” just a couple miles away. I took the time to answer emails, check my flight schedule, make a couple calls, and check my bus route. The last thing I took the opportunity to do was look into tattoo’s, faith and the tree of life. I have wanted another tattoo since high school but just couldn’t find anything that had a real meaning to it for me. I planned to actually get one while in Colorado but things didn’t work out and its not something to rush. After the coffee shop I hit Qdoba’s and then went home to blog it up. Kylee’s roommate Christine was laying on the couch with her dog whom just had a minor surgery that day.

Christine’s alarm managed to go off about 18 times and she never actually got up which was amazing to me honestly. At about 12:30am I got up for some reason and I looked out the window and everything was covered in snow! The morning run is set to be something out of the ordinary for sure!!!!

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