Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Colorado: Day 3 "Mag's and Coors"

This morning I sat out on my journey to run the infamous "Mags" which was made popular greatly because of Chris Lear's book "running with the buffalo's". I awoke at 7am and had a bowl of oatmeal along with a banana while having a few cups of h20. Kylee's roommate Christine volunteered to take me to the justice center parking lot at 7:35am where the "Boulder Performance group" was set to meet at 8am sharp. As we arrived I was anxious to meet some new people and hope they would like me ride along for the journey. After getting dropped off I did some dynamic warm-up stuff and eventually jogged an easy mile before I came back to spot some people in the parking lot. They kindly invited me to join them and carpool to Magnolia Road.

This was a nice group of people, 2 women and 3 men in all, whom several had just run a marathon a few weeks back. After driving for what seemed 15-20 minutes we arrived to the drop off point, what a climb! Everyone set off on the run, I was obviously the only equipped with a camera to capture my run. I started off with dan from ohio who recently got into running and then Gustavo came along and I jumped in with him after a couple miles. My breathing wasn't that bad mostly because the pace was easy, but Gustavo picked it up a bit as we hit some harder climbs and I just upped it a bit with him. He told me in one big gasp that he was stopping at the top of the hill to go back and I told him I would continue onward for more. Check out some of the awesome pictures I got after my return back to the group.

After the run, we rode back down to Boulder and everyone gave me some tips on what to do and where to go. Most of them were the brewery tours, Coors Brewery in Golden, Avery brewery in Boulder and New Belgium in Fort Collins. I wanted to hit about 4-5 more miles after we got back but Kylee was nice enough to go ahead and pick me up so I just cut it short. I was pretty tired after the run honestly, I think mostly because on the way back I was hauling butt, because I realized that everyone else was doing 5-8 miles and I wanted to do the full 15+, so they would be waiting for me. I was pushing the back half pretty much as hard as I could. I got a couple small pit stops to take these pictures.

So now where to go? It was to be onward to the New Belgium Brewery but Kylee informed me that they were actually closed on sunday and monday of course. Coors was the only one open and it sounded just fine to me. After making a few pit stops around town to shop and grab a good cup of coffee, we made a pit stop at "Full Cycle". It was a local cycling shop that had been in town for 22 years and had a massive inventory. I got a chance to browse through their bikes and speak with some of the salesmen. One of the guys was actually originally from NC so we got to chat about all of the options out in Colorado. He pulled out a bike for me that I loved, simply for the look, it was a new 2010 Felt F95 in bright orange. Pretty sweet place with some cool people working their for sure.

Next stop GOLDEN! Home of the Coors Brewing company. Once we arrived I noticed some pretty cool peaks to the mountains that surrounded the town. I took one before we went in for the tour and another once we left the tour.

Here are a few shots of the tour along the way. It was a lot of fun, learning how they made certain types of brews as well as learning how many different ones they actually made.

After leaving Coors we headed up to the grave of Buffalo Bill which was the lookout point for the area. It was pretty cold up there, in route, Cody called me from Australia a couple times to catch up but service kept cutting off for me unfortunately, sorry Cody! We took some pretty cool pictures while at the top which gave a great shot of the rockies.

It was a fun day with lots of pictures, I wrapped up the evening with Dinner at the Mountain Sun with some of Kylee's friends and then hit the hay pretty early for over 9hrs of sleep! I am starting to get exhausted out here!

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