Thursday, December 10, 2009

Flight Anxiety

(this post was actually written while in flight last week)

Right now i am at 34,000ft in the air in route to Denver, Co and their are clear skies! Flying over Tennessee was great, I could see everything in its beautiful entirety; lakes, rivers, and mountains.

Just months ago I could not bare to fly on any plane no matter the distance. After 9/11, I was a basically in panic mode while flying and it was just ridiculous at the time. My mother and one of my ex girlfriends at the time were so frightened to fly that after awhile both of them seemed to wear me down with the thought. I flew into Pennsylvania years ago with two friends who had never flown before and I was the experienced one by far, but I was scared. My friends were just casually talking and playing cards while I was gripping the seat with ultimate fear of death.

I have been on a plane maybe 200 times and here I was frightened. Flying from Boston in 2007 I was so stressed I tried to keep a conversation going with anyone around me, to keep my self pre-occupied, while getting under the skin of those just trying to relax on the flight. I was exhausted so much but the thought of sleeping wasn't even possible, so it just made matters worse. Recently I had a little break through with flying when I flew into and from Atlanta this year. I actually had a nice time enjoying the views out the window and read a little bit.

If I am to leave this earth it will be with God's grace and there is nothing that I can do about it. How many people suffer from flight anxiety out there? I am surprised more people don't flip out on planes but I guess those people don't even attempt to fly. Today's flight was great, it was super smooth, I got to read some of my book, write some goals down in the short term and even watch a little "24" from season 1.

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