Monday, November 30, 2009

Cycle City! Colorado: Day 2

Day #2 was not quite as eventful with running into random people but it was exciting anyways. Today was the first day I had a chance to attempt a run at high altitude. I was "warned" by many people about the effects of running at high elevations, so I took that into careful consideration. Kylee and I set off to a trail where I was hoping to get an hour in is possible before she had to head into work. I was equipped with my 2XU calf sleeves along with long sleeves with my TrySports team tee.

The run was great, as Kylee and I started out together and then after she turned around I decided to see if I could finish out a loop and be back before my 1hr mark. I pushed it pretty hard at some points, once I got to a pretty step climb I could certainly tell that I was having some troubles. After taking a few seconds to relax, i got up the climb and was rolling again. It made me feel good to see that i could beat some mountain bikers around the loop somehow.

After the run, we went back to Kylee's place and she prepped and went into work from 1-10pm, which left me lots of time to fill. Her roommate Christine was nice enough to lend me her bike so that I could roam around boulder. It was pretty cool cruising around, minus the fact that I had a backpack on, looking like a high schooler ha-ha. The plan was to stop at a coffee shop and spend time writing my "day 1" blog which I ended up doing at "the cup", a nice local Colorado flavor spot where tons of people filed in.

After the coffee shop stop I had time to roam all around the "Pearl Street Mall' and stop in a few shops. In the process I took a pretty sweet picture...

After checking out the cool and unique shops I had to figure out what i was going to do for dinner. Head back to the townhouse and eat some oatmeal or grab a meal at some local shop. I began to freeze out in the streets and passed "Old Chicago" where I saw college football on the plasma's, easy decision. No TV at Kylee's so i might as well soak up some college football at the bar. My server actually was from South Carolina and we chatted briefly about some local places to check out, I even got to snap a picture of the watering hole.

Finally at the end of evening I rode Christine's bike back in the pitch dark back to my temporary home. It was soooo freaking cold outside, i was shaking! After about 10 minutes on the bike I actually warmed up and enjoyed the ride. It's a great place that has plenty of side walks and is very biker friendly, which makes things easier for me for sure. Upon arriving home I did more research about running "Magnolia Road", the legendary CU Cross Country Sunday morning training run starting at over 8,100ft of altitude. I managed to find a group who said they planned to meet and carpool from the justice center at 8am SHARP! Time for a good nights rest before I try to conquer the beast!

Check out my pad, it actually sleeps pretty well, THANKS KYLEE!!!

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