Sunday, November 8, 2009

3 weeks to 1:13 update #2 - "sick"

After some mis-communication on the departure time from charlotte, G$, Kent and I finally left at 3pm on Thursday for the Outer Banks. After doing some yardwork wednesday, I had a bad reaction to the pollen in the air I guess and got sick that night it seemed. I hope it would pass but it only got worse before we left. After 2 packs of throat drops I am still having some problems with my throat and running nose. The body aches seemed to have passed thankfully due to naps and almost over dosing on tylenol severe cold medicine.

This morning I woke up to run the 8k as a little tune up before the half marathon. two nights in a row I didn't sleep good as it seems I do every time I visit OBX. Feeling sluggish i made my way out of the door and hoped in the bat mobile just in time to get a mile in before the race start. Upon warming up near the start line I noticed 4 kenyans and austin ramos the 5 likely to finish in front of me. The race went off and I fell in behind their group trying to keep it even and not over the top. I kept the same pace the entire race basically, I actually felt really good just keeping that pace, i even finished off my last mile in sub 5:20. Finishing in 27:20, I wasn't real happy but knowing that one of the guys ran 23:20 2 weeks ago on a hilly course and another guy who has ran 13:50 for 5k this year ran 25:35, it made me happy to know it was a realively slow course. All in all it made me optimistic because of my level of comfort. Here's to nothing tomorrow! I think 1:13:59 is still a stretch, with the sickness and lack of quality sleep, 1:14:50 is a more realiztic goal I think.

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