Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Training Smart = racing good

- After many years of trial and error I have stumbled upon wisdom in the form of training. In my younger days I tried to defy the logic that I could run certain paces with lack of proper training simply because I was going to "man-up". Well I did fairly well with this philosphy but never quite hit those goals. Over the past 2 years I have finally began reaching my potential and along the way have set new PR's from the mile to the half marathon.

The reason this happened was because of consistent training and much of it was specific focus. I PR'ed in the half marathon and with some loose running afterwards I ended up setting a 10k PR after having a good time at cooper river the day before as well as knocking out a big 5k PR, finally breaking the 15:30 barrier, and also making the 2009 World Duathlon championships.

I have been in focus for the last 6 weeks on the Turkey Trot 8k, hoping to break 26:30 maybe 26:20 and setting a new PR. One of the main things I have learned about proper training is PROPER RECOVERY. Eating correct, stretching, and drills make a huge difference, even compression provides a large benefit. After these past 2 years it has all come together and thats why I have total confidence and faith in a training regimine that i want to share with others. I have yet to be seriously injuried in any way and I have only climbed higher and higher with my goals.

-Once I get the mental side of things down at every race I will be golden. I have a habit of picking one or 2 races to really excell at lay back on the others. Training for 3-4 weeks before a marathon does not mean you are in marathon shape< I could easily run a sub 2:50 marathon in my opinion right now but I want to take it to another level when I race a marathon again and that's breaking 2:40, which requires more specific focus along with higher mileage.

Here's to you Mr. Marathon, I will be coming for you again in the new few years.....
Train Smart
Race Smart

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