Monday, September 14, 2009

Go USA? Sweet Team Gear and maybe a little misconception?

Saturday after arriving home from work, I see I have a box at the front entry way and I know what it is right away. It's my Team USA gear, I am so pumped to check it out and see what everything I ordered actually looked/fit like in person.

Tri-Zone hooked us up with some extra Team USA stuff that i didn't expect like (all with the logo "Team USA"; swim cap, water bottle, yanks, polo shirt, and dri-fit hat, along with some hammer products to boot. I was so pumped to check out my shirts, my new hoodie that i will be rockin' come fall/winter for sure. It surprised me at the quality of the shirts offered, i wondered why they were so expensive but I figured since they had a monopoly kind of they could jack the prices up like crazy on anything. The clothing feels silky smooth, even the polo's are moisture wicking shirts and they are comfortable.

  • Once I saw the uniform laying on my bed, it made me think back to 1996 when i saw Michael Johnson and Bob Kennedy ripping it up for Team USA in ATL. I chose the Navy and Silver option because it was so similar to the uniforms from that Olympiad. I thought after all of these years of training, good or bad, time restraints, ups and downs, I finally felt like I achieved something. It may not be the Olympics but its as close as I will get most likely, it's pretty cool.
Saturday morning I got a text from Cody that said his uniform was VERY tight AND basically uncomfortable. Luckily for me, I had some communication with the the guy who runs the show with all of the uniforms and he provided with some pertinent information. The uniform's run extremely small, so I opted for the next size up. Sunday was "Brick" workout day so after I knocked out a 5.7 mile run around the booty loop area, I ran into the house to throw on the new USA One Piece. Man this thing was TIGHT! I could barely get it over my quads(too manly I guess ha-ha) and had to inch it up bit by bit till I had it basically on. The zip on the back was basically impossible to do solo, so I had G$ zip it up real quick and I thought man this ride will be interesting.

While Riding the on the booty loop I figured some guys would try to "challenge" me simply because I was riding with my USA uniform on, I know it would cross my mind. But thankfully no one ever tried to roll me up and I kept the pace consistent, but with the uniform being so tight, it made me feel like a million bucks out there. This made me think about what people perceived me as ? Was I some poser who had a need to show off my uniform? Negative, I just needed to see how it would be with riding and running, plain and simple. On this trip around the booty loop, I noticed that people would certainly stare a bit longer as you passed by. I knew it was because of the uniform obviously, but I just had thoughts on what people might have been thinking.

To those who are the casual runner or cyclist if some guy comes flying by in a USA uniform with his name all over it, I guess you would think, "oh who is this guy, wow maybe he competed at Olympics/worlds or something?" Then for those experienced multi-sport athletes, might of thought, "who does this d-bag think he is? is the uniform required for riding the booty loop?" ha-ha I don't know, I thought it was interesting to read people's faces as I went by and passed by them 3-4-5-6 times while riding.

While finishing up my final 2 loops, I was making a right hand turn onto Queens Rd while some cards were turning into my lane as well. Cars always yield to bikers because we are to be treated like vehicles and we have the right away. Well for the first time I actually was brushed by some guy in a yellow Subaru. He didn't yield and then instead of choosing the far lane, he came right into my lane and basically pinned me right to the curb, I grabbed the car for balance and then he zoomed off. What the hell are some people thinking??? That would have been a horrible way to end my season.

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