Saturday, September 19, 2009

To Motorcycle or not to motorcycle

It was 2006 and I had the need to feel free, so I bought a pretty sweet Honda Shadow ACE deluxe jet black with lots of chrome, awesome. I miss it already! I bought it because one of my best friends at the time (Rob Dietz) convinced me it was time that we buy some motorcycles and cruise around. One week after he brought it up I stepped up and called him from the dealership "yo I just got a bike, yep, honda shadow and their is another one here that would be perfect for you!". He decided to pass on the bike as he got cold feet and I was stuck riding by myself all of the time.

Well it's about that time again, i have the urge to ride! Riding bicycles is cool and all, but it's a lot of work and people always try to kill me. I am thinking its time to hop on a hog and head to the mountains. The plan is to buy my buddies old Honda that has been sitting in his backyard for over 3 years and does not run, yes i said it. I intend to take it on as a project and turn it from a classic 1985 Honda VT500c and make it into one sweet "bobber" eventually.

What do you think, should I drop the bicycle for a non running motorcycle? YES! after much research I am fairly certain that I can get the bike running by my self. Put a few hundred $ into and eventually it could be pretty sweet and a head turner I think.

Sell a $2800 carbon road bike
Buy a $400 24 year old honda vt500... sounds good to me.

after worlds i am taking 2-3 weeks of down time and it would be the perfect time to "tinker" with the hog.

I just want to roll out and be free, do you blame me?

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