Friday, September 25, 2009

Stress........... Continued.....

So upon my arrival to depart and arrive back home, I didn't not see people really flipping out this go round but I did experience something of which I commented on in the last post. While checking in I was presented with another option of an earlier flight but for an upgrade fee of $50. I declined because I figured I could wait and read a book and have dinner.
After fully completely the check in process I found out my flight was actually OVERBOOKED! Crap, oh well I am going to the gate where the earlier flight departs since I have some extra time to see if they can move me. I grab a bite to eat and then approach the woman at the ticket counter, explain what my circumstance is and ask if I can move to the earlier flight permitting there are some seats available.
She says yes and that it will cost $50 in order to do so unless I was an elite card member. After some talking briefly I asked bluntly "is their anyway we can avoid this fee, just so I don't have to sit around and wait for a flight that's over booked by chance?....she waits a second and says " just wait till the flight is fully boarded, come back and we can get you in I think". Meantime people from my actually flight realized they were overbooked and the flight was delayed so they rush over to ask the woman the same questions I have but with some tone to it.
She explains their is a $50 fee and there may not be seats anyways. Needless to say I joked with her about working their and dealing with crazy people daily, we share a laugh and she tells me to go ahead and follow her onto the plane. Myself and one "elite" member board the plane. YESSSSS!!! Victory, i smooth talked my way to avoid a $50 fee and to also get home 2.5hrs earlier! The moral is being nice and cordial is a good thing, people think you need to walk over others to get what you want but not always! Remember to smile people!

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