Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stress, Frustration and screaming!

Anger sits curled up and ready to explode in some souls.

Recently, I had the privilege to witness some rather laughable yet ridiculous behavior while at an Airport as well as a rental car establishment. Apparently some people are under a lot of stress right now, which I can understand these days with the economy and the loss of jobs. There could be many factors in a "flip out" or just plain being rude but this was the worst I have seen in a series every since I began flying back when i was 4 or 5 years old.

Within the 1st 10 minutes after arriving to the airport, I am in line and see a woman just shaking her head while up at the counter. Reading her body language was pretty easy as she could not stand still and she was not happy. She arrived late to check in as well she didn't prepare to check her 80lb bag, "that she always used as a carry-on". The flight was boarding within the next 10 minutes and she was having a fit, yelling at the ticket agent, "i have been here for 10 minutes and you just can't get this figured out and now you are making me pay for a checked bag, get your supervisor".

If I ask for a supervisor in any occasion, I will be nearly about to commit a homicide. Maybe its just my personality but I seem to get things smoothed out by just being easy going and making chit chat with people and showing my appreciation that they are there to assist me, EVEN if i am not exactly happy. that's what works for me anyways<

I am nearly to the front of the line and the pressure of the people behind me sits in. As soon as someone even makes a motion to leave the check in people want to run each other over. Someone left a station, while these 2 nice women in front of me, wait to see if another woman is going to use it, some guy comes flying under the ropes and jumps past 3 of us and is shaking his head. We all just looked at each other thinking, "did that just happen?", some people have some nerve that's for sure. This guy obviously could not of cared about anyone else trying to make their flight, even though they had been in line 10 minutes longer than him.

The most comical thing about this guy was that I saw him sitting in first class while boarding my flight. Let's see, I was AN HOUR EARLY, and decided to walk a terminal over and have some breakfast, check out some magazines, listen to my IPOD and then they started boarding. Maybe it was his first class attitude, he is more important that everyone else apparently, sorry something just gets under my skin when people do not have have patience to respect other people.

I arrive at my destination, manage to walk to the wrong station to wait for the rental shuttle to pick me up but I politely ask a less than happy gentleman whom pulls up from Budget rental to drop someone off "sir is this not the place to catch the shuttle? I wasn't sure where to stand and I have been hanging out awhile now"...he thinks for a second and says, just hop on with me, I only pick up from the budget and drop off at the airport but we can let you slide this time. It was pretty simple, I was polite and he gave me a ride< class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_6">ckers, you are stupid" and of course she closed the door and drove away, hmm which method was better?
After arriving at the rental spot, I spoke with a woman and she got everything ready for me. While in line a woman basically stood besides me at the counter with an angry face, then she finally said " I have been waiting 15 minutes and watched 5 people get cars over me, I NEED TO GET OUT OF here I have an appointment in 90 minutes, you are not helping out, what are y'all doing back there??" Needless to say, they tried to calm her and she went outside, I cracked a joke, that it "always is an adventure working with people here i can see" they laughed and I said, "well I appreciate you guys being here, I am not going to jump down your throats". She then said, "i am giving you the first available car we have no extra charge"<<<<>

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