Saturday, September 12, 2009

My first day of Blogging

So today is my first attempt at a blog entry, what to write about?

Well I am at work so I don't have ample enough time to really put much together as far as my thoughts. I am just excited to get home after work, maybe ride my bike for a bit before heading out to the Greek festival for the first time ever with Kent and G$ to meet up with my family.

This reminds me of when I used to have a beef with Greeks, it's pretty funny actually. I played organized soccer for 13 years and always considered myself a soccer player first and foremost. Growing up in rec leagues, we always played the Greek Orthodox church teams whom were usually pretty talented. Well one game my grandparents decided to come out and video tape with there new 100lb video camera ha-ha. Well they zoomed in when I had the ball once and I let the ball get a bit too far ahead of me to say the least and this kid comes up and creams the ball.
The ball connects perfectly in the middle of my face and I go flying back. I basically did a back flip onto my neck, as my sports goggles fling off of my face! My uncle thought it was awesome to go over that portion of the video in slow motion about 20 times later that day, it looked pretty painful. So for awhile I had some beef with a greek kid who punked me in front of my family and friends, but we are cool now. If I could get my hands on the video you would enjoy it, it's classic.


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