Sunday, October 25, 2009

3 weeks to a 1:13?

So after I took my time off from training for a couple weeks, I decided to really focus on a training plan as I stated in my last post. This one is totally new to me but its exciting to think I may finally be able to take off and run some fast times possibly. Months ago, I jumped on board with the charlotte crew going to the OBX MARATHON/HALF MARATHON and stay in the elite house.

Last year while running the obx half I didn't run so well due to my slack ass training. This year is very much the same but I have some good confidence going into the race with the new training and focus. No the endurance and long aerobic training is not there so much but I know from my training this past winter I kept a quite a bit of that.

My initial goal for OBX was to run sub 1:16, then it was well, let's shoot for sub 1:15. One day I was thinking why do I limit my self? I did 1:12 this year in a very tactical race and even though I may have not trained specifically for this race at all I can't give it a real go. If I run a mid-low 1:14 I will be mostly satisfied but I don't see why I can't go for that sub 1:14. 3 weeks to 1:13 sounds good to me so why not? I may bonk it like I did last year and I may ride the line and make it through...

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