Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Rave Run!!!

Each and every year I realize what a wonderful time it is to hit the trails for some distance running. The leaves are in peak season for color and they make an incredible back drop for scenery during a run. The vibrant colors jump out and almost make you want to stop and just enjoy what mother nature has provided in its purest form of beauty.

After missing the morning run at Davidson, I wanted to still get in a longer run on a trail somewhere to get off of the hard surfaces and get something that has lower impact. After speaking with Logan, we decided to head out to Latta Plantation Park and show him a different trail. After we hit the trails, I quickly realized how nice it was to run there and was a drastic difference from the typical running routes I have in Dilworth. Tree's line the wide gravel trail that starts the run and right away Logan comments on how great it is to be somewhere else like this.

I even stopped once during a stretch as we passed by the lake to examine and soak up the colors. In the next couple weeks those leaves will not be there to enjoy, but they will be on the ground. After about an hour of running I told Logan that this felt like a "rave run" from the runner's world magazine. Leaves lined the trail as we coasted in and out of this amazing stretch of beauty(yes i said it). If there is any time for a beginner to start running, it would be now. The temperature is just right, with no heat complications or freezing temperatures.

My goal for the next few weeks is to travel to the various trails in the area and get in some great runs. This may even push me to get that new camera that I have wanted for the past year and practice my photography skills. So I encourage anyone who wants to feel free even if just for half an hour to go to a local park and walk on a trail. Pick up a phone, call a friend, call your uncle, grab your dog but get out of the house!!!

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