Friday, October 30, 2009

Update on 3 weeks to 1:13!!!

This past week of training went very well for me, ever since I was doing the duathlon training it was always something I had to be careful with. It was my hip, knee, back or quad that seemed to nag me. My IT has been a little tight but I wouldn't say that it is really bothersome or makes me limit my training. It seems as if my body is so used to running its glad that I am back into the comfort zone.

Here is my original plan for the next few weeks, but I am having a hard time not running more than planned because I feel so good:

week 1: 40 miles, 75 min aerobic
Week 2: 45 miles, 80 min aerobic
week 3: 50 miles, 85 min aerobic (OBX half is my progressive anaerobic threshold)
week 4: 55 miles, 90 min aerobic
week 5: 60 miles, 95 min aerobic
week 6: 60 miles, 90 min aerobic (turkey trot 8k)
Week 7: 65 miles, 100min aerobic
week 8: 75 miles, (Thunder Road Marathon)

I know I can run 2 hrs for sure right now but the plan is about progression so I am sticking with it for a change. Through all the years I have bounced around tons of training philosophies and this one so far seems to be appropriate. 2 years ago, I was fortunate to have a coach in Layne Pye and an Olympic trails competitor in Megan Hepp as a training partner so I was focused and it worked well. Here is back to the drawing board and hoping for the best.

Speaking of mileage and such, I am not sure that I ever can get 100 miles in because I know it would really break my body down. Looking at what Bill Shires does on a weekly basis amazes me! Maybe I don't want the pain to set in to take it to another level and then also I just do not want to take the time to do so much. I keep telling myself I want to take a year OFF from racing and then just come back with a great desire but its so difficult because I enjoy it so much.

On a side note, I hope to write a new post on our society and appearances or labels if I have enough time.

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