Thursday, October 15, 2009

Progressive workout PR time

New 4 Mile PR!!!!

Last night I fortunate enough to run with the drastically improving Cody Angell in a progressive, 5 mile workout which we accomplished, but only after we did the 4-mile course through Dilworth. Prior to this workout, my PR for 4 miles on this particular course was leading into my Senior Year of college...

10 4/18 10/358 CHRISTOPHER LAMPERS 21 M 495 WAXHAW NC 16:54 5:27 21:38 21:41 5:26

I ran 21:19 at the Shamrock 4-miler in 2007 and I think close to that again this past year after PR'ing in the 5k the night before. I would like to break 21 some day in a 4 miler but if I don't it won't bother me much. Who would have known that on a Tuesday night in Dilworth I was close to making this come true....

4 mile = 21:07

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