Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Easy Running is Recovery"

"Easy running is recovery"

This is an exert from the text of "Take the Lead" by Scott Simmons and something I heard all too often from my good friend Cody during some of our training discussions. This next rotation of training will be focused on this training philosophy based on progression. As opposed to the standard, base, threshold, and finally anaerobic build up to peak at a certain time, I will be training all of these systems every week. The plan is increase my long aerobic run every week, increase the speed of intervals every week and also increase the pace and mileage of my progression run every week.

One main difference in this approach is the peaking phase. Where most standard programs have a pretty big taper with some hard interval workouts, there is just a slight taper if you would even want to label it a taper. You body gets used to this training cycle and by taking time off its questioning whats going on and confusing the muscle fibers in a sense. I decided it was time to try this new approach for me because I have seen such great success from elite athletes such as Fernando Cabada, Fasil Bizuneh, and Queens Standout Michael Crouch. In a matter of a year I year, a kid I used to beat up on in XC my Senior year went from a high 27 minute 8k'er to finishing up his career with 30:18 10k PR under this program. Apparently Crouch was about a 15:20 5k guy just a couple years ago now he has ran sub 13:40. My good friend Cody Angell has gone from running over a 20 minute 5k, 3 years ago to running 15:33 this year, as well as running 26:07 for 8k, 32:56 for 10k and finally running 1:12:14 for a half marathon all of which he beat me except the 5k at UNCC.

Here goes nothing, the plan makes total sense while looking through the simple process and makes one think, "why do we train other wise?". After college I have been sticking to doing workouts maybe once a week sometimes twice if I have an actual race in mind. For the most part doing speed or threshold sessions is almost non-existent with my plans. One night I just decided I needed to try this program if I want to knock out some solid PR's and finally be looked at as truly one of the best runners in the area. Looking forward to the OBX Half Marathon 3 weeks away, sub 1:15 is certainly possible, but I am hoping that these next 3 weeks of training go well enough to boost my confidence so that i can lower that initial goal and better my time from last year. Over the past 4-5 months I have averaged between 26-27 miles a week, so expecting much from this half marathon could be a disaster waiting to happen.

- This year was Great for me with Layne's basic training plan that I followed for the most part. I could have buckled down in a few spots but this new system may work. People keep telling me "you have so much untapped potential", maybe 2010 will be the year that I actually make a big break through?

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