Monday, October 26, 2009

Too old for Halloween?

I know that some people just do not enjoy Halloween at all and got past that stage at about 11 years old. My question is, is there an age limit for enjoying "halloween"? I think not!

Each year, I have always dressed up in some aspect and got at least a few people together to enjoy the festivities of all hallows eve. This is the one time of the year that you can wear whatever you want to and its ok. I have only really taken advantage of this one time a couple years back with a costume but for the most part I am something pretty basic yet fun.

One of the best things about Halloween out on the town, is checking out other costumes that people are wearing. There are some pretty crazy things out there, some that make you laugh and then some that makes you say "what the H*ll is he/she supposed to be?". I invite each and everyone to come out this halloween weekend and find an event to attend, but you must wear a costume. Let loose and bring out that inner child to enjoy life.

What is the craziest costume you have worn?

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